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Jane Findlay

Jane Findlay

Director, Fira

Jane Findlay is a Landscape Architect, the Past President of the Landscape Institute, trustee of the Earth Trust and the founding director of Fira.
She is a masterplanner and designer with 40 years’ experience of designing and delivering large and complex projects. Jane is particularly experienced in the design of the healing landscape for healthcare.
Jane is passionate about the psychological and physical benefits of landscape design and nature. She is a pioneering exponent of evidence-based design and her interest in multifunctional green infrastructure is reflected in her design work. Whether it is creating new settlements, transportation systems, places to work and learn, or campus design, her philosophy is to lead with the green to create places that address climate change, that are climate resilient, biodiverse and are healthy.
Jane is sustainability advisor on the University of Warwick Estate & Environment Committee and continues to advise the National Memorial Arboretum.