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Revolutionising Healthcare Sustainability: The Vital Role of Waste Management

12 Sep 2024
Net Zero Summit - SUEZ

As NHS Trusts face significant resource constraints and ambitious sustainability targets, waste suppliers play a crucial role in transforming waste management into both a key opportunity and a formidable challenge.

This presentation seeks to explore the ways in which waste suppliers can effectively support NHS Trusts in meeting sustainability goals and achieving cost savings by leveraging efficiency through rationalisation, innovative practices, and technology.

The presentation will focus on strategies centred on:

Comprehensive Efficiency Overhaul: Assisting NHS Trusts in transitioning from traditional waste management methods. Waste suppliers can introduce practical, innovative practices that streamline operations, enhance waste segregation, and reduce costs, emphasising sustainable approaches.

Core Sustainability Integration: Helping NHS Trusts embed environmental best practices into daily operations through rigorous auditing and behavioural change programmes. Suppliers can support Trusts in setting realistic recycling targets aligned with national sustainability goals and adopting waste management technologies that improve efficiency and minimise environmental impact.

Strategic Healthcare Innovation: Encouraging NHS Trusts to leverage innovation for operational efficiency and as a catalyst for sustainability. Waste suppliers can offer cutting-edge waste management solutions, helping Trusts position themselves as leaders in progressive healthcare practices and transforming generated waste into a valuable resource.

Recycling Improvement: Providing solutions such as dry mixed recycling (DMR) and reusable containers to significantly increase recycling rates beyond 50%.
Operational Excellence: Delivering waste compliance and behavioural change services to ensure sustained operational improvement across Trusts.
Cost Reduction: Helping Trusts achieve cost savings through strategic procurement and efficient waste management practices, enhancing their financial health while opening new business opportunities for suppliers.
Carbon Emission Reduction: Supporting Trusts in reducing carbon emissions, aligning with Net Zero carbon targets and promoting environmental sustainability.
Community Impact: Identifying opportunities for social value, fostering community welfare in alignment with broader societal expectations.

This presentation aims to offer waste suppliers and NHS Trusts practical insights into driving sustainability gains on their journey towards sustainable waste management, emphasising collaboration, innovation, and strategic procurement practices.

Emma Clyne, Principal Category Manager - NHS SBS