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Future Proofing your Waste Management: Training the next generation of refuse collectors for free(ish)!

12 Sep 2024
Municipal Stage

We, as are you, are aware that waste collection and management is not an easy job.

Whether you’re a fleet manager responsible for the day-to-day management and logistics of your waste collection fleet, or you’re a driver, in the thick of it, working day in and day out to keep the streets of Britain clean, waste collection and management is physically and mentally demanding and at times, very stressful.

This session discusses the risks with your current cohort of employees and looks forward and asks how you can best train, educate, and retain your next generation of refuse collectors. Pertinently, at a time of squeezed budgets and unmanageable funding cuts, this session signposts how you can access free (or nearly free) training in order to build your very best future team and make sure they stay for the long haul.

James Clifford, CEO - HGVC