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Panel discussion: Reimagining Infrastructure & the Built Environment for Sustainability

12 Sep 2024
Circular Economy & Sustainability Stage - JUNO

Our cities, buildings, and infrastructure have a significant environmental footprint. This critical panel discussion, "Reimagining Infrastructure & the Built Environment for Sustainability," aims to tackle this challenge head-on. Join our expert panellists as they explore how to fundamentally transform the way we design, construct, and manage our built environment for a more sustainable future. The discussion will delve into the environmental impact of current practices and explore innovative solutions like green building materials, energy-efficient systems, and smart city technologies. Collaboration between policymakers, architects, and construction companies is crucial for achieving large-scale sustainability goals. The session will conclude with actionable steps for creating a more sustainable built environment, both for new developments and existing infrastructure.

Marielle Pantin, Associate Director - Lloyds Banking Group
Mark Edwards, Head of Sustainability - Gatwick Airport Ltd
Valentijn Veurtjes, Consultant - WSP