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PFAS – what everyone needs to know regarding its environmental impact and its relationship with the regulatory regime

12 Sep 2024
Circular Economy & Sustainability Stage - JUNO

This session will explore the rise of PFAS contamination, why this is creating issues for manufactures, developers and the waste management sector as well as the circular economy regarding the re-use of material. The regulatory regime is having to play catch up to this rapidly emerging issue both in terms of how this contaminant is managed and remediated.
Through case studies the speakers will guide you as to the Environment Agency’s current position in relation to this issue as well as the attitude of local planning authorities when sites are being developed.
We will also look at the Labour Government’s plans for planning reform, its brownfield first policy and how this could lead to an increase in the number of sites which are affected by PFAS contamination.

  1. PFAS issues
  2. The impact on the environment
  3. The re-use of material and the circular economy
  4. Environmental liability
  5. Regulatory regime – Environmental Protection Act and the Environment Acts
  6. The planning regime and how this uncovers contamination
  7. Labour’s planning reform
  8. Case studies
Claire Petricca-Riding - Irwin Mitchell
Claire Petricca-Riding, Partner - Irwin Mitchell
Keith Davidson - Irwin Mitchell