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Phoslock brochure

OnSite Central Ltd Stand: WW-E71

Eutrophication or excessive richness of nutrients (including phosphates) in a lake or other body of water, frequently due to run-off from the land, causes a dense growth of plant life and algae preventing the light penetration and oxygen absorption necessary for underwater life.

Applied to static bodies of water, Phoslock is a proprietary water treatment product that permanently binds excess phosphorous in the water column and sediment, and settles in an environmentally benign state. Phoslock:

– Consists of lanthanum-modified bentonite

– Binds with phosphate to form a naturally occurring, non-toxic, inert mineral rhabdophane

– Has been successfully applied to more than 300 water bodies worldwide

– Has reduced in-water phosphorus concentrations in more than 20 countries

– Does not pose any risk to freshwater biota or have any human health related risks.

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